Rupert is a highly trained and experienced photographer. He started his career under the watchful eye of style guru Sir Terence Conran shooting the Habitat Catalogues and Conran Housebooks. Since then he's worked on many prestigious projects, travelling the length and breadth of the UK photographing everything from top public schools to the army on exercise and everything in-between! Whether it is the sumptuous food of Chef Aaron Patterson at Hambleton Hall or a Portrait of The Duchess of Rutland for 'You' Magazine, Rupert's ability to produce images that get noticed is par for the course!

"...Rupert has supplied outstanding visuals for our designers to work with. Rupert is able to capture light and movement in his photography, bringing his shots to life. Whether inside classrooms or capturing that waited-for moment on the rugby field, cricket wicket or hockey pitch, Rupert's photography is sensational..."

- Claire Mitchell

Marketing Manager, Wellingborough School

Knowledge & experience

Knowledge combined with experience is essential for getting the best pictures possible every time. Knowledge tells a photographer what settings they need to use, how to light a scene, and frame a shot. Experience tells them the perfect moment to release the shutter.


An underrated aspect of photography is personality, the quality of character that allows the photographer to connect with their subject, whoever and wherever the subject is. It's the tool that enables a photographer to get the best from any situation.

Rupert stands out from other photographers by bringing all these qualities to his shoots. Whether you need beautiful food photography, a punchy portrait or images that capture the character of your interiors. Rupert will always deliver.

Getting the job done

Photographers are faced with all kinds of limitations outside of their control - whether it be time, weather or something else. That's why it's important to get a photographer in who's experienced in dealing with many different situations and setups, to ensure the job gets done in the time allotted.

"Marketing schools is a subtle process where the quality of photography can make all the difference, so working with someone who intuitively understands what is needed, and who consistently delivers emotive and high quality work has been a huge benefit to me."
- Mike Slessor, The Market Place

Whether it's making a connection with the subject, or being open to ideas from the client, an approachable photographer helps the creative process and is able to form the relationships with their subjects that are so important when taking portraits. Rupert is well known for his approachable nature which has served him well in his many years working in educational environments