Knowledge and Experience

Rupert's photography career has spanned four decades. His Knowledge and Experience arises from the many varied and interesting commissions he has been involved with over the years. Rupert's clients have included The Conran Shop, M&S, 'G' Plan, Colefax and Fowler, Habitat, Laura Ashley, Leclerc in France and a host of top private schools throughout the country. Working with Food and Drink, Fashion, Landscape, or Corporate Portraits. Rupert will always give you great images that get noticed.

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" I love taking pictures that excite, be it an amazing plate of food, a child learning something for the first time, a beautiful interior or the CEO of a large organisation. I am comfortable in any situation and endeavour to make my clients and subjects feel the same way too."

“We have worked with Rupert Watts for a number of years and continue to do so because of the quality of the photographs he provides us with. He is a great observer of life and works unobtrusively, which is a winning combination for us and the results speak for themselves.”
- Fiona Bettles, Uppingham School

Knowing The Shot

Getting the job done means getting the job done right, and not in the quickest time possible. Quality images are all about timing and knowing when to wait and when to capture that fleeting moment.

That's why it's important to get a photographer who's experienced in dealing with many different situations and setups, to ensure the job goes smoothly, on time and within budget.

Knowledge tells a photographer what settings they need to use, how to light a scene, and frame a shot. Experience tells them the perfect moment to release the shutter.


About Rupert Watts

I trained in London working for a fashion and beauty photographer, working mostly on advertising and editorial accounts.

I have worked in London and France, photographing food and drink, interiors, fashion, corporate and private portraits. The variety of opportunities that have come my way over the years have given me the knowledge and experience to give you images that will get noticed.

When you need a photographer, please give me a call on 07946 480373.

Working With Rupert

  1. Exclusivity: When you find a photographer who you connect with, and who connects with their subjects, it's reassuring to know they can be relied upon to deliver.
  2. Personality: An underrated aspect of photography is personality, the quality of character that allows the photographer to connect with their subject, whoever and wherever the subject is. It's the tool that enables a photographer to get the best from any situation.
  3. Approachable: Whether it's making a connection with the subject, or being open to ideas from the client, an approachable photographer helps the creative process and is able to form the relationships with their subjects that are so important when taking portraits.
"Good photography is a key component of any quality advertising campaign and Rupert Watts has supplied outstanding visuals for our designers to work with."
- Claire Mitchell, Wellingborough School
“Working with someone who intuitively understands what is needed, and who consistently delivers emotive and high quality work, has been a huge benefit to me.”
- Mike Slessor, The Market Place